Regeneration of LIS for Inventory Management

Regeneration of Logistics information Structures (LIS) for Inventory Management

Question: How do I know if there is a problem with Logistics information Structures (LIS) for Inventory Management?
Answer: To be sure, run tcode MB5L to get total value of stock. Then run one of the LIS reports such as MC.1 to get total value from LIS. If the two values are not the same – you have a problem! Keep the printouts of above two reports for audit purposes.

Below is example of MB5L -- the stock value is 100,000. This should be the same as from MC.1 else there is a problem.


If values from MB5L and MC.1 and not the same (and assuming the results from MB5L are correct), you need to re-generate the LIS. Firstly search on SAPNET. There are quite a lot of notes on the subject.

Example, note 453420. If required, implement. This might ensure that you don’t do this exercise soon again.

To regenerate LIS – see note 79083 (and others). Below is summary of main steps.


Firstly, I used version “&(6” as temporary version – you could use any other name.
  1. Delete version “&(6” ofr S031, S032, S033, S034, S035 (if they exists) -- tcode olix
  2. Get material documents data for “&(6” – again S031, S032, S033, S034, S035 -- tcode oli1
  3. Get invoices data for “&(6” – again S031, S032, S033, S034, S035 -- tcode oliz
  4. Stock values for “&(6” – again S031, S032, S033, S034, S035 -- tcode oli2
  5. Delete version “000” (the main version) of S031, S032, S033, S034, S035 -- tcode olix
  6. Copy data in version “&(6” to version “000” for S031, S032, S033, S034, S035 -- tcode olix
Typical Stats (size of table)

Table - Company - Company
-------- SMALL ---- MEDIUM

S031 -- 47,000 ----- 34,520 records
S032 -- 95,000 ----- 397,521 records
S033 -- 145,000 ---- 176,125 records
S034 ----- 214 ----- 1,704 records
S035 ------- 0 ----- 1,056 records

If using BW, you also may need to regenerate S197 (RMCBS197) and S198 (RMCBS198)

For LOG of LIS runs – see tcode nprt
For list of background runs – tcode smx

Question: How long does the above runs take?
Answer: Depends on size of data. Below is example from a SMALL company.

Tcode - Table - Run - Run time
oli1 -- MKPF -- RMCBNEUA -- 15 minutes
oli2 -- MCON -- RMCBNEUB -- 16 minutes
oliz -- BKPF -- RMCBNERP -- 3 minutes

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