HOWTO change the Materials Type of a material master

SAP version used for this post: SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) 5.0

In some cases it is possible to change the Material Type of a Material Master.

  • Configuration of both material types must be similar (see transaction OMS2 - Material Type configuration)
  • There should be no open PO's against this material
  • There should be no valuated stock against this material
  • There should be no open line items against vendors for this material (see transaction FBL1N - Vendor Line Item display)
Material Type can be changed using transaction MMAM
Menu: Logistics > Material Management > Material Master > Material > Change Material Type (tcode MMAM)

  • Type in material master number
  • Indicate new Material Type
  • Execute
A message will indicate if it was successfull or not. And if not why. For example here it failed due to valuated stock and open purchase orders that exists.

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