SAP SD Tables


KNA1 - Customer master: General
KNVV - Customer master: Sales areas
KNB1 - Customer master: Accounting

KNVK - Contact persons
KNVA - Unloading point
KNVI - Tax indicators
KNVP - Partner functions
KNVD - Documents
KNVL - Licenses
KNVS - Customer master: Shipping
KNVH - Customer Master: Hierarchies


MARA - Material Master: General
MARC - Material Master: Plant <Plant>
MAKT - Material Master: Short description
MARM - Material Master: Conversion factors
MVKE - Material Master: Sales <Sales Org, Distr Ch>
MLAN - Material Master: Sales <Country>
MAEX - Material Master: Export Licenses
MBEW - Material Master: Valuation
MLGN - Material Master: WM Inventory
MLGT - Material Master: WM Inventory type
MVER - Material Master: Consumption <Plant>
DVER - Material Master: Consumption <MRP Area>
MAPR - Material Master: Forecast
MARD - Material Master: Storage Location
MCH1 - Material Master: X Plant Batches
MCHA - Material Master: Batches
MCHB - Material Master: Batch Stock

MARCH - Material Master C Segment: History
MARDH - Material Master Storage Location Segment: History
MBEWH - Material Valuation: History
MCHBH - Batch Stocks: History
MKOLH - Special Stocks from Vendor: History
MSCAH - Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History
MSKAH - Sales Order Stock: History
MSKUH - Special Stocks at Customer: History
MSLBH - Special Stocks at Vendor: History
MSPRH - Project Stock: History
MSSAH - Total Sales Order Stocks: History
MSSQH - Total Project Stocks: History

Customer Material Information

KNMTK - Customer Material Information: Header
KNMT - Customer Material Information: Item

Bill of Materials (BOM)

MAST - Material
EQST - Equipment
KDST - Sales Order
DOST - Document
STST - Standard Object
TPST - Functional location
STKO - BOM: Header
STZU - STL data
STAS - BOM: Item selection
STOP - BOM: Item data
STPU - BOM: Sub items

Sales Document

VBAK - Sales document - HEADER
VBAP - Sales document - ITEM
VBEP - Sales document - SCHEDULE LINE

VBUK - Header Status / Admin data
VBUP - Item status
VBUV - Incompletion log
VBPA - Partner functions
VBBE - Individual requirement
VEBA - Contract
VBLB - Forecast
VBFA - Document flow
VBKD - Sales document: Business data
VAKPA - Partner index
VEDA - Contract
VBKA - Sales Activity document

SADR - Address
NAST - Output
JSTO - PP Status
STXH - Text: header
STXL - Text: Lines
KONV - Conditions


LIKP - Delivery - HEADER
LIPS - Delivery - ITEM


VTTK - Shipment - HEADER
VTTP - Shipment - Deliveries on Shipment
VTTS - Stage

Direct Store Delivery - DSD

/DSD/SL_SLD_FLOW - Settlement: Document Flow (link Shipment -> Settlement doc)
/DSD/SL_SLD_HEAD - Settlement Document Header
/DSD/SL_SLD_ITEM - Settlement Document item
/DSD/ME_DDR_STAT - Settlement Connector tables (used by SAP MDSD3)


VBRK - Billing - HEADER
VBRP- Billing - ITEM


AGR_USERS - Assignment of roles to users
CDHDR & CDPOS - Change history of master data and documents
TSTC - SAP Transaction Codes, maintained via transaction sm01
NAST - Message status

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