Basic financial postings in SD

This article shows the basic account postings in SD.

As a SAP consultant, you must be able to draw and explain the basic T-accounts and know how to set up all the GL accounts in customizing.

Business process

Let’s take a simple business process:
  • Company sells goods and create a Sales Order for 2,200 dollars
    (Selling price is 2,000 dollars plus 200 dollars sales tax)
  • Create delivery document that starts the delivery process
  • Process Goods Issue (GI) when goods leave the warehouse
  • Billing customer (Billing document)
  • Accounts Receivable or Clearing (get money from customer)
The material is valued at 1,000 dollars (the price in material master > accounting view)

The yellow blocks are those transactions that will create FI documents (accounting entries).

GL account postings

Lets look at the postings to GL account (using T accounts)

The GL accounts in diagram is to show typical numbers. GL account determination of the Goods Issue transaction is set up in Automatic Account determination (in Materials Management). Revenue Account determination is done in SD.

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