Release procedure question

I recently received this email from a user:

I followed your instructions on setting up a simple pr release strategy. I have added the table for:

Plant - Z_WERK
Overal p.r. release Z_GSFRG
Account Assignment - ZKNTTP

I have selected the overall release button on the P.R. document type, and also on the Release Group. I've selected the "overall release to YES within the release strategy/classification.

I cannot get the release strategy tab to come up on ME51N. And if I deselect the buttons on the PR doc. type & release group, then I get the "release strategy" tab on ME51N, but it goes over the limits set....

Can you offer any help? We are in ECC 6.0:confused:

Some ideas:

  • If your release procedure is not working, start with just ONE characteristic (in your class). And use an easy one where you know you can't make error (example Plant, Account Assignment).

    If this works -- then simply keep on adding characteristics
  • Also -- use only one line item in your testing. Not multiple. This way errors on plant (when overall approval) can be elimicated
  • If you are using a User Exit -- learn how to debug the user exit. Even if you are not a programmer, it will help to check the values being passed to User Exit
  • Else -- post your question here
Good luck

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