Release procedures for PO vs PR

I received an email from someone recently asking what the configuration differences are between Purchase Order (PO) and Purchase Requisition (PR) release procedures.

The question based on earlier post on configuring release procedure for PR's [] but not PO.

Answer in short. The concept of class / characteristic still apply (as with PR). Differences are:
  • Releasing on PO is on header only. Where on PR it can be header or item (mostly item)
  • List of field names to chose from comes from CEKKO (not CEBAN for PR). To see the list, view database table via se12 (dictionary)
  • The PO release procedure is also used to release RFQ's & Contracts. The reason for this is that RFQ's and contracts are also stored in table EKKO (hence CEKKO when setting up PO's)
  • The config itself is under PO in IMG and not PR
  • The release statusses are different
  • Transaction to release PR not same as that to release PO's
If anyone else can also think of some differences, please feel free to post it here.


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