Change SAP documents -- tables CDHDR and CDPOS

This notes relates to SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) 5.0

Changes to a lot of SAP documents are stored in table CDHDR and table CDPOS. This include changes such as: change data in Material Master, changes to Purchase Req (PR), Purch Orders, Contracts, Sales Orders, and many more.

Lets look at an example where an existing purchase order (PO) is changed.
  • Create a PO (number 4500000616)
  • Now lets make a change to the PO. Lets change the Short text in item 10 from "FLOWERS" to "SAP123".

The change information can be see in Purchase Order. Menu: Environment > Item Changes

This changed information are stored in table CDHDR and table CDPOS. Lets see if we can find it by displaying the table using transaction se16 (display table):

The detail of what was changed is in table CDPOS. The link is via the document number, field CHANGENR. Lets look at table CDPOS

These tables contains not just PO changes but changes to most SAP documents (accross all functional areas). So, as you can imagine these tables get huge. Entries in tables are grouped by Object Class (field OBJECTCLAS -- Change doc object). Some of these options include:

OBJECTCLAS - transaction (fields in CDHDR)
  • ADRESSE - xk01
  • ADRESSE3 - su01
  • BANF - me54n
  • BELEG - vf21
  • BETRIEB - vd02
  • COND_A - me31k
  • DEBI - xd01, xd02
  • EINKBELEG - me22n <<< example above
  • ENTRYSHEET - ml85
  • FEATURE - ct04
  • INFOSATZ - me13
  • KLASSE - cl02
  • KRED - xk02
  • LIEFERUNG - vl03n
  • MATERIAL - mm01
  • MM_SERVICE - me22n
  • MRP_AREA - mm01
  • NRINTERVAL - omh6
  • PFCG - pfcg
  • REVISION - me32k
  • SACH - fs00
  • SPEC_TMP - ml10
  • STLV - ml02
  • VASMD - ac03
  • VERKBELEG - va02
  • .... etc

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