Accounts Receivable Processes

December 2013

Below is a list of activities performed in Accounts Receivable Process.

Customer Master Maintenance
- Customer and credit master
- Blocking of accounts
- Set Credit limit and risk parameters
- Credit Block / unblock of sales order & Delivery Notes
- Close accounts

Postings to account:
- Sales related: Sales Order, Credit Notes, Corrections
- Manual Postings
- Clear items

Bank Recon
- Remittance
- Allocate money to customer accounts

Collection / Dispute
- Send SMS notification
- Phone customers
- Email customers
- Notice to Account managers
- Notice to drivers
- Collection (LEGAL)

Customer interaction
- Statements
- Web portal
- Collection notifications
- Credit info during customer interaction (example: visits, deliveries and sales process)
- Updates on customer disputes

Internal Reporting
- Age analysis (eg. ATB - Aged Trail Balance)
- Customer disputes
- Service Requests

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