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Willem Hoek on Jan 11, 2013

Within SAP Inventory Management, there are two methods how stock are moved between plants using a 2-step process:

What does 2-step mean?

Example: Lets assume stock is moving from Plant A (Storage Location 0001) to Plant B (storage location 0002). Two step means that two transactions will be used to move the stock. After the first transaction, stock has left plant A but it is not yet available at Plant B. Only after the second transaction is it available for use in Plant B.

Some reasons for using 2-step movements (and not 1 step):

Using Stock Transport Orders (STO)


The use of Planned Orders and Purchase Requisitions are optional.

Using Transfer Postings (TP)


The Transfer Posting can be done with reference to a Reservation. Although this is not used a lot.

Similarities between Stock Transport Orders (STO) and Transfer Postings (TP)

Differences between Stock Transport Orders (STO) and Transfer Postings (TP)

Configuration required to use STO

Config: MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up Stock Transport Order > Assign Document Type, One-Step Procedure, Underdelivery Tolerance

Here the source plant, destination plant and allowed STO document type is specified.

The post is based on SAP ECC6