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Willem Hoek on Jan 11, 2013

SAP version used for this post: SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) 5.0

When creating a material, you need to specify the material type.

The Material type is the highest level of categorization of material masters.
Material Types defined in configuration and below is a summary of main areas that material type influence:

Standard SAP Material Types include:

ABF - Waste
CH00 - CH Contract Handling
CONT - Kanban Container
COUP - Coupons
DIEN - Service
ERSA - Spare Parts
FERT - Finished Product
FGTR - Beverages
FHMI - Production Resource/Tool
FOOD - Foods (excl. perishables)
FRIP - Perishables
HALB - Semifinished Product
HAWA - Trading Goods
HERS - Manufacturer Part
HIBE - Operating supplies
IBAU - Maintenance assemblies
INTR - Intra materials
KMAT - Configurable materials
LEER - Empties
LEIH - Returnable packaging
LGUT - Empties (retail)
MODE - Apparel (seasonal)
NLAG - Non-stock materials
NOF1 - Nonfoods
PIPE - Pipeline materials
PLAN - Trading goods (planned)
PROC - Process materials
PROD - Product groups
ROH - Raw materials
UNBW - Nonvaluated materials
VERP - Packaging
VKHM - Additionals
VOLL - Full products
WERB - Product catalogs
WERT - Value-only materials
WETT - Competitor products

The main configuration of material type is in transaction OMS2
IMG: Logistics > Material Master > Basic Settings > Material Type > Define Attributes (OMS2)

Some settings can be done per plant

This information resides in:
T134 - Material Type
T134T - Material Type: Text
T134M - Material Type: Valuation area data

For number range configuration, the transaction is:
IMG: Logistics > Material Master > Basic Settings > Material Type > Define Number range (MMNR)

First create a Group

Then link the material type to it

This is the main settings of material type. In later articles, we will address other configuration that can be be done per material type.