SAP123  »  Blocking Release Procedure strategy

Willem Hoek on Jan 11, 2013

Got following question from one of the readers.

I have a series of Release Strategies that drive PR approvals. The issue I face is that a user could mistakenly enter a PR and select a set of options that would not direclty match a release strategy, this currently results in the PR going straight to a PO. For SOX 404 purposes I need to block this and have any PR that does not match a Release Strategy be stopped with an error message to the user. How would I do this?

One method is to create “blocking strategies”.

For those strategies, you need to include all those “other” options. If the user create a PR with these set of options – a release procedure will kick in – but it can’t be released. The release statusses will all be BLOCKED.

You may need a few blocking strategies in order to catch all options.