SAP123  »  User Exit for Release Procedure (PR)

Willem Hoek on Jan 11, 2013

Notes based on SAP ECC 5.0

Sometimes either the logic to be used is to complicated to use normal strategies or the field to be used in strategy is not available in Communication Structre (see transaction se12 - table CEBAN). In that case user exit can be used.

Example, lets say we want the following strategy:

For all Purchase Requisitions (PR) against a cost centre (account assignment K), base strategy on Cost Centre number and Document Type. For all PR’s not against a cost centre, base strategy on Plant (in PR) and Document Type.

To set up:

When you create / change the PR, the characteristic will get value of ceban-usrc1 from user exit.

This is sample code of user exit:

**&  Include           ZXM06U13
case i_ceban-knttp.
  when 'K'.
    e_ceban-usrc1 = i_ceban-kostl.
  when others.
    e_ceban-usrc1 = i_ceban-werks.
e_ceban-bsart = i_ceban-bsart.

Activate enhancement will activate the user exit.