SAP123  »  How to become a SAP consultant?

Willem Hoek on Jan 11, 2013

From time to time I get emails along the following lines … ‘please advise on how do I become a SAP consultant?’ Obviously there is no one answer and everyone enters the market slightly differently.

Firstly determine in what area you want to specialize. Functional (example SAP SD, MM, FI, ..) or more technical (example BASIS, ABAP) or add-on products (BW, SRM, CRM…) or end-user training or some other role in the SAP “industry”. If you are not 100% sure -; speak to fellow consultants or see where the demand might be in your area.. Search job sites to familiarise yourself for who wants what.

Here are some ways that I know how people got into SAP:

Any other way’s to enter the market?