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Willem Hoek on Feb 15, 2013


BKPF - Accounting Document Header
BSET - Tax Data Document Segment
BSEG - Accounting Document Segment (ITEM)
BSEC - One-Time Account Data Document Segment

SKA1 - G/L Account Master Record (Chart of Accounts)
SKB1 - G/L Account Master Record (Company Code)

BSID - Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers  __(Open Items)__ 
BSAD - Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers  __(Cleared Items)__ 
BSIS - Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts


KNA1 - General Data in Customer Master
KNAS - Customer Master (VAT Registration Nos Gen. Sel.)
KNKA - Customer Master Credit Management: Central Data
KNKK - Credit Management Cust. Mstr: Control Area Data
KNBK - Customer Master (Bank Details)
KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code)
KNB4 - Customer Payment History
KNB5 - Customer Master (Dunning Data)
KNC1 - Customer Master (Transaction Figures)
KNC3 - Customer Master (Special G/L Transaction Figures)
KNKKF1 - Customer master credit management: Central data
KNKKF2 - Credit Management: Open Items by Days in Arrears

Dispute and Collections Management

UDM_WL_RUN_ID - Collection Worklist (header)
UDM_WL_ITEM - Collection Worklist (items)
UDM_COLL_ITEM - Open Items 
UDM_COLL_KEYFIG - Business Partner Key Figures

UDMBPSEGMENTS - Collection Segments (and Group) in Business Partner
UDMBPPROFILE -- profile for BP 

UDM_CCT_ATTR - Customer Contact
UDM_CCT_REL - Objects Created during Customer Contact    
UDM_CCT_RESULT - Results of Customer Contact
UDM_CCT_TYPET - Text Table for Contact Types  (config)
UDMNEWCONTACTS  - SAP Collections Management: New Contact Person [no data]

FDM_DCOBJ - FSCM-DM Integration: Disputed Objects   (note: link dispute to customer or accounting doc)
SCMG_T_CASE_ATTR - Case Attributes     (note: contains Case ID number)  
UDMCASEATTR00 - Dispute Case Attributes   (note: fields include disputed amount, customer #)    

UDM_CCT_ATTR - Customer Contact
UDM_P2P_ATTR - Promise to Pay